International SAKE Challenge

Enter the Challenge

1. Requirements
Awards will only refer to a single homogeneous production of Sake, originating at the time of bottling from one and the same container. All Sakes must be labelled to who the name of the geographical region of origin of the Sake.

2. Categories
Entrants should choose the appropriate category for each entry. All Sakes will, as far as possible, be tasted along side Sakes of the same category.

3. Cost to enter
A handling charge of Yen 30,000 (including 5% consumption tax) will be made for each sake entered.
Entries will not be accepted without payment in full.
No companies will be invoiced, although each entrant will be issued with a receipt once payment has been confirmed.
Please note that entry fees cannot be refunded.

4. Number of bottles to submit per entry
Three (3) 720ml bottles of each Sake must be submitted for every entry. This is to ensure sufficient for re-tastings / Trophy tastings / photographs and for the Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner.

5. Sending your entry forms
- Forms to arrive at the International Sake Challenge office by 3rd September 2021 by Email or by post at the following address:

International Sake Challenge 2021
TME Bldg. 1-9-10 Higashi Nihombashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0004 Japan

Tel: 81-3-5825-9177 Fax: 81-3-5825-2789 E-Mail: <>

Entry Kit (PDF) 

Entry Form/Sake Form (Excel)

You will recieve reciept of entry with your entry No. and label stickers for your sake by mail after your entry is recieved by ISC.

6. Sending Sake Samples
- Send sake samples via courier to arrive by 4th September 2020 (extended!) at our warehouse:
*** Please note that we have moved to a new warehouse. ***

International Sake Challenge 2021
Sanshin Warehouse Jonan Logistics Center
7-2-2 Jonan-jima, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0002 JAPAN
Tel.: +81.3.5825.9177

- Each case of sake must be accompanied by a photocopy of the "Outer Carton Label" with your entry No.

- All carriage charges must be pre-paid by the Submitter. Failure to pay these costs in full will result in your Sakes not being entered.

- Entrants are entirely responsible for their arrival of Sakes in time for the International Sake Challenge. The organisers can take no responsible for this. We regret that late arrivals will not be accepted and neither credits nor refund will be issued if the entry forms or Sakes fail to arrive on time.


7. Use of the International Sake Challenge logo
- Stickers of the International SAKE Challenge logo, medals and trophies are available to Award winners. The logo remains the property of the International SAKE Challenge and any unauthorized use, reproduction or alteration of International SAKE Challenge logo, trophies and medals is strictly prohibited.
- Should any trophy or medal be used for promotional purposes (e.g. on printed material or on TV/radio advertising), the award must be attributed to the International SAKE Challenge. In case of any doubts/questions please contact International SAKE Challenge.


8. Results
The results will be announced on our website on 30th October 2021. Digital certificates will be sent by post as appropriate.

9. Medal seals
An order form will be sent along with your Certificate to purchase medal seals. You can also order digital seals.

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